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Looking For Help with a Relationship?

Whether you are married, living together, separated or single, I can help you deal with relationship difficulties.

Relationship counselling cannot always solve your problems, but it should give you the tools to deal with them in the best way possible.

I have experience dealing with a wide range of issues including: 

    • Communication & Conflict
    • Sex & intimacy
    • Parenting & blended families

    • Life stages
    • Loss & bereavement 
    • Separation

    • Illness
    • Money worries
    • Affairs & trust issues

We can examine together what you bring to relationships from your earlier experiences. This may influence what you expect and take for granted. We will also consider how you connect and attach. You may both have different ways of receiving and showing love.

The aim is to have a better understanding of each other and to find a way forward to break the impasse. Assumptions and misunderstandings can be aired and discussed.

It is not unusual to hear a partner of many decades saying: “I have never heard you say that before or I never knew you felt that way.”

We often mind-read or second-guess our partners inaccurately.

I ask open questions to encourage novel ideas, different perspectives and change to emerge.