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As a relationship counsellor, I enjoy working collaboratively and creatively with my clients to create opportunities for change and growth.

All clients and relationships have their own unique dynamic and although I am guided by theory and established techniques, I am flexible and versatile in my approach.

I try to make the sessions stimulating, challenging and constructive.

I am very interested in the way clients tell and interpret their stories and how two people can recall the same event in such different ways.

I approach the work from a position of empathy, curiosity and hope.



Over 15 years ago I embarked on an MA in relationship counselling. I was enthusiastic and energised from day one. Each new set of clients I have seen has increased my understanding and enhanced my practice. There may be some similarities in the challenges couples face, but the consequences and impact will be different for everyone.


I work for Relate and regularly attend workshops and training as part of my professional development.  I am very lucky to have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in relationship counselling from leaders in the field.

I also counsel couples and families at a cancer charity and am very aware of the impact of health issues on relationships.

I formerly practised as a family lawyer. This gave me insight into the emotional impact on couples and families facing disputes and conflict.